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Down's Syndrome North Yorkshire 

Paul & Michelle Underwood

Married for almost 30 years and living in Harrogate Paul & Michelle were blessed with Hannah their beautiful daughter who was born with Down's Syndrome in 2002.

Paul concentrates on fund raising along with the upkeep of the website and facebook pages, whilst Michelle is the long suffering clerk of the family and knows most form filling exercises inside out.

More support on benefits, entitlements and how to make claims are available elsewhere on this site.

Sally Bagshaw

Sally is the proud Mum of the irrepressible Joe and also lives in Harrogate.

Sally's primary function is to establish new contacts in order to refresh our members as the older ones move on.

So if you are a school or an organisation which can provide any facilities for our members or even new members, then Sally will be your first point of contact.

As you can see Sally is extremely good fun to be around, is very approachable and enjoys her days out with the DSNY.

Steve & Suzie Pickard

Steve is an avid semi-professional photographer and lately produced some stunning images from our trip to Flamingoland.

He also has an extensive background in events organisation and management and this together with his endless enthusiasm to help the Down's Syndrome community makes him a perfect addition to our team.

Steve will also be lending a hand on the technical side and with the social media awareness programme whilst Suzie will be concentrating on a variety of exciting events for all of our members. So watch out Suzie likes people to have fun!

Alongside our permanent management committee, we will be relying on our team of experts for advice and guidance on many issues and hopefully building on the excellent work that they have put in over the past two decades.

Jan Lake

Sheila Constable

As our knowledge base and support crew grow in size many more names will be added to this list.

Our Mission

The mission of the committee is to bring more and more Down' Syndrome families together in an atmosphere where we can share experiences, knowledge and fun, so this is a research experiment in an effort to judge the feelings of all of our members.

The fact that the committee is based in Harrogate means that almost all of the facilities that we have immediate free access to are based locally and we know that the organisation of events is almost always awkward to say the least, but that doesn't mean we can't organise transport to bring us all closer together. We have some free facilities such as venues (licensed or otherwise) and a DJ who will work for very little, so any funds raised could perhaps be spent on transport rather than the actual event itself.

It stands to reason that some of these events will come at a cost and in those cases, we would respectfully request a contribution, but wherever possible we will expect subscriptions to be heavily discounted.

Thank you we look forward to pooling your opinions and getting back to you with some positive suggestions.

Kind Regards, Paul, Michelle, Sally, Steve & Suzie.